If you support the separation between church and state….

If you think public policy should be decided on fact and scientific evidence instead of religious beliefs….

If you think the 50 million Americans who are not religious are deserving of public acceptance and respect….

If so, the #VoteSecular movement is for you! Because until we develop a sizable, identifiable secular voting bloc politicians will continue to ignore us and our concerns.

The number of non-religious Americans is exploding, from 14 million in 1990 to well over 50 million today, fully 22% of the country. Secular Americans already outnumber Catholics and are poised to pass Evangelicals within a few years to become the largest “religious” group in America. The time has come for our acceptance and inclusion and that only happens by pulling together to let politicians know they will lose votes and create opposition by ignoring and insulting such a large constituency.

Even if you are religious, we ask you to support this movement to protect the civil liberties and freedom of conscience of all Americans–the religious and nonreligious alike–so that all of us are treated with equal consideration and justice. We are asking for equal, not special, treatment. We are asking to be treated as you expect to be treated yourself.

We are grassroots secular activists who are promoting a smarter, more modern, less discriminatory government. We seek:

  • To have secular Americans be able to openly run for elected office.
  • For politicians to not feel pressured to pretend to be more religious than they actually are.
  • For Americans to feel comfortable being non-religious or not whether they live in New York City or the Deep South.
  • To maintain the ‘wall of separation’ between church & state, as well as the secular government our Founders gave us.
  • And, ultimately, we ask to revert to the original, secular versions of the nation’s motto and Pledge of Allegiance that served our country well without stigmatizing or dividing out the non-religious.

#VoteSecular is for all those who support separation between church and state.

  • ACTION: Find out how you can help this movement.
  • MEMES: We have images you can share far and wide.
  • STUFF: We have tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and other stuff with the #VoteSecular logo you can buy in our store to spread the word in the office and on the streets.
  • RESOURCES: You’ll find lots of resource information here about separation between church and state and related issues and organizations, links to other secular voter campaigns and the resources they are offering, as well as links to secular lobbying organizations.