#VoteSecular is for all those who support separation between church and state. We would like to help create a large secular voting bloc in order to promote smarter, more modern, less discriminatory government.

#VoteSecular is designed to draw as wide a circle as possible including not only active atheists, agnostics, humanists, and skeptics but also all non-religious and religious Americans who are concerned by the influence of religion in government. We hope to bring attention to news stories where religion is improperly injected in government and education, or acts of hypocrisy by those who promote religion in the public sphere. We encourage posts, tweets and local action taken by #VoteSecular supporters. Supporters are encouraged to report on local incidents, create their own memes, and to take photos including #VoteSecular at local iconic places (e.g.: Statue of Liberty, Statehouse, etc.).

Some national secular organizations are conducting voter campaigns this year. Among them are: the Secular Coalition for America with their ‘Secular Values Voter’ campaign, the Freedom From Religion Foundation with their ‘I’m Secular and I Vote’ campaign, and the American Atheists with their ‘Atheist Voter’ campaign.

#VoteSecular doesn’t intend to compete with these campaigns, but to promote them and try to expand the message to all those who support separation between church and state.

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